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Single-source Solutions
for Liquid to Powder

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Valentine Chemicals is a custom chemical manufacturer that helps companies increase their profitability through the support of our specialized services. As an established toll manufacturer, we serve a diverse range of industries by delivering reliable results that meet our varied customer’s expectations.


Our roots are in agriculture. Since 1938, we developed products using sugar cane by-products. In the 1940s we developed molding compounds and Valite™, a phenolic resin. in 1955 the world’s first bagasse to paper mill. We began contract toll manufacturing in 1989, added four drum drying plants in 1993.

1938 R&D on products from sugarcane baggase  

1943 Began producing record material from baggase for RCA

1953 Designed and built world’s first bassage based paper mill

1960 Developed Valite phenol-formalehyde resins & compounds

1975 Built a p-f resin extruder plant

1985 Built a 28ft diameter spray dryer for p-f resins

1990 Began toll manufacturing for Georgia Pacific Resins, Inc.

1996 Sold Valite to a competitor

2000 Added another spray dryer plant

2003 1st Drum Dryer

2010 5th Drum Dryer

2018 Began polymer reactions & drying them for our customers

2022 Broadened polymer reaction

2023 Adding temperature controlled storage


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Valentine Chemicals has been trusted for our industry expertise, accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness. Our processes and committed attitude provide clients with high-capacity manufacturing services and prompt turnarounds to get their products to the market efficiently. We value the partnerships we form with our customers and look forward to serving your organization as well.

Valentine Chemicals’ Manufacturing Campus
The breadth and flexibility of our 10-acre site and multi-complex facility in Lockport, Louisiana is an advantage to our customers as we take them through a seamless process using facilities and equipment designed for each specific process.

Our plant site has over 80,000 square feet of dedicated warehouse space including 5,000 square feet of cold room storage with pallet racks. Interconnecting concrete roadways allow fork trucks to safely and quickly move products in and out of our loading dock.

Minutes from the Mississippi River chemical corridor, our location provides ample supply and cost savings to our customers. The cam
pus has access to water, rail, highway and interstate transportation to handle a variety of deliveries. 
Our entire team of experienced professionals is available to assist you every step of the way to bring your product to market. Your custom formulations and blends are mixed in-house and to your exact specifications.

Valentine Chemicals is here to answer your questions, learn about your goals, and discuss the solutions that will deliver the best results. Our team is ready to take your call and produce great results for your company.

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