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With over 80 years of innovation and established chemical processing, Valentine’s core competency is drying organic aqueous liquids and slurries using spraying and double drum drying methods. 


Drum Drying

Valentine Chemicals is the largest contract drum drying facility in the United States, drying a wide variety of water borne solutions. With five (5) of the largest production drum dryers and two (2) pilot drum dryers we have the capacity to drum dry over 200,000 lbs per day of liquids.


Spray Drying

Valentine Chemicals operates one of the largest contract spray drying facilities in the United States, drying a wide variety of water borne solutions. With one of the largest production spray dryers in the industry along with a smaller production spray dryer we have the capacity to spray dry over 50,000 lbs per day of liquids.


Polymer Reactions

In 2018 Valentine Chemicals added oil & gas cementing polymer reactions to its core capability and since then has reacted nearly 100 million lbs of polyacrylamides. The plant is set up as a batch operation for closed vessel vacuum distillation to draw out reflux in stages. Quality assurance is located adjacent to our laboratory for ongoing monitoring.

All of our reactors are agitated, steam-heated, and water-cooled, served by dual liquid-ring vacuum systems; three reactors have over-head condensers and two of those have internal cooling/heating coils.

Custom Drying Specializations

Valentine Chemicals dries a wide variety of water borne liquid solutions and slurries for Oil & Gas, Construction, Agriculture, Paper, and Personal Care industries. The majority of raw material received at Valentine Chemicals is a semi-liquid organic material which needs to be dried or may need grinding, blending, or agitating. We dry an array of chemical types for customers in the oilfield, industrial chemicals, agriculture, feed and construction industrial into powders or granules for many applications such as pharmaceuticals, biological materials, foods, detergents, woods, minerals, waste water systems, and industrial wastes.

Blending and Packaging
• Ribbon Blender

• Hammer Mills

• Packaging in bag, drums, or supersacks

• Special packaging

• Private labeling blending 

• SS storage tanks for 50 truckloads of liquid


Support Services

• Liquid reactions and blending

• QC Laboratory

• Developmental Lab and Piloting

• Powder blending

• Packaging (bags and supersacks)

• Warehousing

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